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There are so many different kinds of people in the world. Some love questions for the sake of philosophical and mental bantering, and the game of devil’s advocate. Some are interested in only seeing their own beliefs reinforced. Some see things in black and white, and others in full spectrum of color. Some people need … Continue reading


When I was about five years old, I received a very special gift from my mother’s father, my grandfather:  a small turquoise and silver ring.  I can’t remember the occasion for the gift, or any specific circumstances around receiving it, only that it was “Indian” ~ Native American.  I wore it for a long time, … Continue reading

Waking to Feeling

In this country of great wealth and luxury, we tend to prefer an inebriated state of numbness, ignorance, distraction, and apathy to *actually* having to face things that are horrific. Build a wall around the heart, be unwilling to feel empathy and compassion for all but those closest to us ~ make them so “other” … Continue reading

Alchemy & The Divine Masculine

As I walked through the dense forest on this crisp, cold winter afternoon, I came upon his tiny cottage.  Unlike our houses ~ even our remote, rural houses ~ his cottage was not built along the edge of a road or even near a path.  In order to find his place, you must know the … Continue reading

From My Grandmother

Child, look back into your history, into your roots, and you will see a time when life was simple.  Less comfortable, yes, but as we weren’t attached to being comfortable as you are today, it wasn’t so much of a concern for us.  We lived in direct contact with the land in a way that … Continue reading

Insanity, Grief, and Change

Imagine with me the headlines in future historical publications, contemplating the errors of humanity in a country called America during the early 21st century:  Insanity at the Brink of Destruction.  Imagine the intellectuals, historians, philosophers, and teachers sifting through topics of this time we’re living in now, illustrating the divide between necessary cultural changes and … Continue reading

10 ideas for adding authentic joy and cheer to the season

Beginning just before Halloween, stores in the US start blasting holiday music, setting up displays of Christmas tree decorations, menorahs and candles, sweet treats, toys, and special gift-giving displays that are nearly impossible to avoid.  The consumer holiday machine grows stronger as Thanksgiving approaches, and by the time December 1st turns over the calendar, people … Continue reading