The Core Story

Today’s blog features guest writer David Beares


Honestly, I’m kinda burned out on politics, but something has been bubbling in me for days that I feel compelled to write.

Ever since acupuncture school, the gap I see between liberals and conservatives comes down to our Core Story. The way we see the world and interpret it.

I truly think the way we see Capitalism is where we most severely break off…and that divide is why we just don’t get anywhere when discussing politics.

Capitalism is neither “good” nor “bad.” At it’s core, it holds no meaning or emotion. It can be both the creator of good in the world and the root of evil/corruption.

Conservatives, it seems to me, operate by the core story that Capitalism is all good, and we should, at all cost, leave it alone so it can function. All growth is good. All measures to regulate or slow it in any way are bad, and a sign of BIG government. They seem to believe Capitalism is more important than our actual democracy, and our democracy is only there to support the growth of capitalism.

In my liberal mind, capitalism can be great. I am an entrepreneur, and I love the fact that my wife and I are able to create a business that supports a great way of life. I love the “game” of business and find it highly rewarding.

But on the flip side, I also see its evil. Capitalism is literally swallowing our earth’s resources to the brink of disaster. It has created major health epidemics, then run in to sell new miracle cure drugs to fix all the health issues.

I’ve watched the way big business in many sectors has wreaked havoc with our planet…to the point that I literally don’t know what state our earth will be when we leave it to our children. I’ve seen wars created to protect our capitalistic interests. I could go on and on about the rampant social, health and environmental ways that capitalism damages us and is a negative.

This gap in thinking is truly the Core Story that separates us.

I, for one, don’t think we should get rid of capitalism. But I do think we MUST have a strong democracy. We must value the interests of Health, Survival, Social and Environmental rights…and all measures of success at the economic level must be weighed against the impact on these levels.

Never before, with 45 and the swamp monsters he’s complied, have I seen a deeper threat to all of these levels. We are truly seeing how decades of capitalism and wealth over-all-else turns out. But really he’s just the ugliest form of what has been boiling and built on the right for decades. And it’s gotten so bad that people literally think NOTHING matters but economic growth. No cost is too big. Our survival doesn’t matter. Our health is just a pawn. Whatever the social or environmental cost…it would seem that those on the right are complacent.

Folks, I don’t care what your core story is, this version of America can’t last. It’s on the wrong side of history. It cannot last. It’s been a fun ride, but we cannot do another 100 years of this type of consumerism and growth. Not my opinion. Scientific fact.

Literally, the only people who should be for uncapped business and small government (in terms of social programs and regulation) are the people who are served NO MATTER what happens to our earth, our health and our economy. I think you know who they are…and they represent just a small, TINY, part of our population.

I hope you’ll join me to support this great Democracy for the sake of our health and our children. I hope you will ALWAYS vote (and not for a 3rd party) because the “better of two evils” might be the one who isn’t actually evil. I hope you’ll expand what you care about beyond the economy. I hope you’ll see that we still have something beautiful to save in this awesome time of freedom and abundance we still enjoy in America.


About the author

David Beares has always been a passionate advocate for the earth, traditional forms of health and fitness, and politics. He majored in Political Science at the University of Maryland. After graduating in ’99, David’s adventures took him to the mountains of Georgia where he worked at a wilderness camp for incarcerated kids. Then in the spring of 2001, he was called to head off on the Appalachian Trail, hiking it in its entirety over the next six months. Today, David and his wife co-own 16839447_10209847255031412_511318700_nan acupuncture and kettlebell training facility in Ellicott City Maryland. As a father of three, his passion and concern for the earth and the state of health is even more present.

You can learn more about David and his work at and

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