Free Your Voice


Workshops & Private Coaching

Empowering you

to express yourself

with freedom and joy

“It is important that we sing… Singing frees the soul, makes it flexible, and helps it soar and expand. Singing lets the sun in — gives warmth to our lives and wings to our spirit. Those who sing know this.” ~ Dina Soresi Winter

In contrast to traditional style voice lessons and classes, where emphasis may be placed on cultivating technique, style, range, and repertoire, the Free Your Voice program offers a refreshing alternative perspective for people who want to enjoy singing from their hearts, and who have personal blocks and fears that keep them from expressing themselves.  Both the workshops and private coaching are rooted in connecting with the breath and the body, and in cultivating a strong connection with one’s own deep inner creative impulse.  While elements of technique and style may arise, my goal is to always support students in connecting with their authentic voice, and in finding trust in that.  In workshops and private sessions, we work with all kinds of songs, as well as mantra, toning, and abstract sound, often including playful exercises, breathing techniques, and elements of meditation and yoga.


What people are saying about Free Your Voice:

“The Program has already far exceeded my imagination and any expectations I might have had, so I am simply open to new possibilities whatever they are…” 

“All the fears and excuses about my voice were all made up to keep me away from expressing myself in this way and none of them were true. I found so much joy when expressing myself through singing.”

“I am now more connected and attuned to that space within me that wants to sing.”

“I go within myself and center before singing anything now. I know that being connected to my soul self is what fulfills me. It’s not about what I sound like. All about the energy I am transmitting through my voice.”

“the meaning of singing has deepened to me on many different levels: from healing, to energy work, to a spiritual practice. These sessions have truly expanded my horizons and awareness about the depth of this practice.”

“This time is about allowing rather than conforming to something or creating limits. This is a time of flow, creation, invention and intention.”

“I love the toning and playing with the sound energy by directing it through different parts of my body. That whole aspect of working with sound – the yoga of sound – makes me feel like a kid in a candy store.”

“I had a wish to become more comfortable with singing but then with each session it evolved more into an amazing journey of discovering the multi-dimensional nature of sound that I have not been aware of before. It has become the yoga of sound for me.”

This is an amazing opportunity that defies any expectations: it’s a very deep spiritual teaching, it’s a yoga practice, it’s energy work, it’s a healing, and it is just plain fun! There is so much more than just singing, more than just freeing your vocal voice, it is about finding your true voice, reconnecting with your true self. And there are many people who need and can benefit from this practice.”



The little voice that wants to sing? It never dies. It is always there. No matter how harsh the judgmental voices are, how critical teachers or parents or friends may have been, and how suffocating the fear, where there is a spark of desire, there can be a wild river of possibility. That is the most exciting thing in the world. Even if you have dreamed of singing for twenty, thirty, forty, or more years, and have felt like you just couldn’t do it, I am here to tell you that you can. You simply need a safe container, a loving mentor, and the determination to face your fears with persistence. You can sing, that I promise you.

~ Angela Blueskies


To read more about the inspiration behind Free Your Voice, please click HERE! 


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