Jon Norris ~ Flutemaker

There are many individuals and companies creating Native American style flutes today.  There are a wide variety of instruments available, and in every quality level and price range.  Many folks who purchase these flutes are captivated by fancy looking instruments with elaborate wood styles, carvings, turquoise and other semi-precious stones used for decoration, double and triple pipe drone flutes, and more.  What is most unfortunate is that many of these flutes are not much more than beautiful pieces of art.  The quality of the construction as a *musical instrument* does not always match the quality or ornateness of the decoration.  If you are new to the Native American style flute, I highly encourage you to not be swayed by what your eyes see – the quality of the sound, the tuning of the instrument, and the workmanship behind the construction when *these* things are the priority – these are things to seriously consider.

And with that in mind, I want to share with you the work of Jon Norris, flutemaker, from Raleigh, NC.  I play his flutes exclusively, and also have him make the instruments for all of my classes – every student taking the class at Howard Community College in Columbia, MD will receive one of his beautifully crafted flutes in the key of A.  He offers a magnificent selection of woods, and they truly sound so different!  If you are a Native American style flute lover, I highly recommend you have him send you several to try.  My favorite wood is the sassafras – the light blonde wood has a surprisingly strong and full sound, warm and crisp.  His cedar flutes are most excellent – a very warm and resonant sound.  And the walnut – a very dark and solid wood – has a softer quality, with a wonderful depth.

Jon Norris flutes

For more information on Jon Norris’ Native American style flutes, please click HERE!

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