Healing Sessions

Transformational Healing Sessions ~ a fusion of Sound Medicine, Shamanic Energy Medicine, and Reiki ~ are customized to guide clients into a state of deep relaxation, opening the receptivity of body and mind to release stress and move deeper into the healing state.  In this higher state of awareness, clients are purified of heavy energies, supported in trusting their own inner knowing, freed from old wounds and pain, and empowered to make meaningful change in their lives.  These sessions have a few essential components:

  • Receptivity ~ it’s essential that clients let go of the need to actively engage with the work, and enter into a state of receptivity.  Letting go of the busyness of the mind and connecting with the body are essential to this process.  From an open, receptive state, clients are able to enter an energetic flow that clears heaviness, and leaves them feeling lighter and revitalized.
  • Intuitive guidance ~ each one of us has our own intuitive guidance system, and this is often clouded and blocked by the conditioning we receive as children, both from our families and our culture.  As heavy energy is cleared, it is easier and easier to engage directly with that inner knowing.  From there, it is possible to find answers to life’s deep questions and challenges in one’s own heart.
  • Shadow work ~ some energies clear readily, and others linger because of life experiences that have left a strong mark, often resulting in wounds and trauma that can linger for a long time.  In a safe and protected space, moving slowly, these wounds and trauma can be uncovered, understood, and healed with full respect and gentleness for the lived experiences that brought them into being.  As shadow work brings things to light, profound changes happen, bringing clients to experience a greater sense of freedom and joy in their lives.  Shadow work may also include the powerful process of soul retrieval, which seeks to reunite all parts of oneself in wholeness, and is a beautiful engaged process of entering into profound self-love and soul relationship.
  • Emotional release ~ when energy is moving and shifting, it can sometimes feel like the very foundation of oneself is being rocked.  Both in sessions, and following them, it is possible for clients to experience greater sensitivity, and allowing space for this to emerge is essential.  It is important to allow all feelings to emerge within a safe container, and to have a grounded and helpful way of engaging in that process.  While not all sessions will trigger a strong emotional release, it is possible that clients will feel sadness, grief, confusion, anger, frustration, and more, and this is a welcome part of the process!  Learning to allow and be present with feelings is deeply healing.
  • Personal empowerment ~ in the old paradigm, clients would come to a shaman or healer so that that person, a person of power, could heal them.  Many years ago, Angela was guided to understand that while a healer may be able to support a client in coming back to balance for the moment, lasting change comes through the client claiming their own healing process fully.  In Angela’s work, she supports clients in stepping into their own personal power, their own inner knowing, and their own healing flow, providing compassionate guidance and empathic listening all along the way.

When scheduling a session, Angela and the client discuss the client’s particular needs and intentions for the work, crafting a session that will address wherever the client is on their journey.  Sessions can focus on any single modality if desired, but are often a fusion of modalities.  Sessions can also focus on any of the above components of the work, meeting the client in the moment with what is needed most.  A single session can be helpful, bringing a client into deeper presence and alignment, and clearing any accumulated heavy energies.  For deeper personal work, including complex and ongoing challenges, a series of sessions is most helpful, preferably on a somewhat regular basis.  This allows the work to move in a progressive and cumulative way, diving deeper into the roots of those challenges, and also offering support for the process of transformation that is certain to occur.  When engaging in a series of sessions, clients may be asked to engage in regular “homework” to support the continued process of healing and change.


Sessions available most Thursdays at Rumi Wasi Sanctuary in Harpers Ferry, WV, and other days by appointment.  Sessions often available in tandem with other public events ~ inquire for more information.  Private sessions are appropriate for an individual, pair, or small group of up to four people.  Rates from $120.  Gift certificates available.  To schedule your session, please use the contact form below!

*** Member, IARP ~ International Association of Reiki Professionals ***



Wolf, energy healer along The Camino

Angela’s Healing Story

Angela Blueskies began her journey with energy healing in 2004 while walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain.  Injured during a long day of walking, she arrived in a tiny village barely able to walk, and in excruciating pain.  All signs pointed to a torn tendon or ligament, and with no medical office in the village, she was desperate to find help so that she could continue walking the Camino.  An old man attending to the needs of pilgrims was happy to help, and shared hands-on energy healing with Angela.  By the next morning, she could walk with no pain and no limitations.  She made a commitment to herself that day to learn as much as she could about healing, and pay it forward.  By the end of 2004, Angela received her Reiki I training, and early the next year, she trained in Reiki II as well.  In 2009, she completed her Reiki training, becoming a Reiki Master practitioner and teacher.

In late 2005, Angela journeyed to Peru for the first time, part of her graduate school fieldwork, and was initiated into the Andean healing traditions, including the gifting of permission to practice and share Despacho Ceremony.  She continued to journey to the Andes and Amazon nearly every year since that time, learning the healing path from a numerous respected shamans, medicine women and men, teachers, mentors, and healers.  She has been initiated into the Rites of the Munay-Ki, as well as Rite of the Womb, and has also received a number of initiations from respected Andean elders, including Don Augustin and Dona Benita from Q’eros.  She has also worked with a variety of healers from the traditions of the Amazon, and has dieted with several powerful teacher plants from that tradition.  She has been sharing these traditions and supporting others in the healing journey since 2010, and offers classes, workshops, and initiations connected to Peru regularly.  She is also the Creative Director of Heart of the Mother Retreats, bringing spiritual seekers to connect with these powerful healing traditions in a deep way.

Since childhood, Angela was a talented musician, and by the time she was a teen, knew that she would pursue music as her profession.  She received her Bachelor of Music degree from the prestigious Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University, and enjoyed a successful performing and teaching career for fifteen years.  Spiritual practices were always an essential part of her life, and after many years of studying yoga, she began to explore the path of Nada Yoga, and the Yoga of Sound.  As she connected with the traditions of Peru, she also began to encounter traditions of healing that applied sound vibration, vocal toning, chanting, and song as an essential part of the work.  Synthesizing these two traditions into a cohesive whole, she created Sound Medicine Journeys to help others to receive the healing benefits of music, sound, and vibration.  She brings Sound Medicine to both individuals in groups in centers all over North and South America, and also offers a variety of workshops and classes to support others in embracing sacred sound in their own journeys of healing and awakening.