The Shamanic Empowerment Collective

Coming in 2018


The Shamanic Empowerment Collective brings together a diverse community of individuals who share an interest in Earth-based spirituality, Indigenous wisdom traditions, Animism, and shamanic practices.  We believeg that we all have the capacity to heal and transform ourselves. We offer classes, workshops, events, and community rituals that engage people with all levels of experience directly in shamanic practices that support them in claiming personal power, self-knowledge, and sacred connection, while also anchoring deeply in respect, humbleness, and integrity in relationship to the origins of the work we share.  Collective founders, Angela Blueskies & Helene Garrovillo, have deep roots in the sacred traditions from the Peruvian Andes and Amazon, and have been journeying to Peru to work with shamans, mentors, healers, medicine men and women for over a decade.  Angela & Helene co-vision a world where people live in balance and harmony with the natural world, with themselves, and with each other, and believe that through sharing sacred work in community, personal and global transformation is possible.


Classes, workshops, events, and community rituals seek to be both deeply meaningful and authentic, as well as affordable and concise ~ join us for a couple of hours on a Sunday, and explore something new, or deepen a practice you already love!  Some future offerings include:

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