Private sessions

Private sessions are available,

and are customized to fit the intentions

and needs of each client. 


Rates begin at $100/session

Private sound healing sessions are available at Rumi Wasi in Harpers Ferry, WV, or at your location.

Please email Angela for more information or to schedule a session:

Angela Blueskies Sound Medicine Journeys


  1. Hi Angela,

    My name is Nichlaus Hulsebus, a fellow human being and musician. I would like to ask your permission to perform “it doesn’t make choices” I heard for the first time today on the sacred valley website and it resonated with me. I feel the folks in my circle would enjoy it. Thank you for your gift of song you give to the people.

    • Hi Nichlaus – thank you for your message, and I’m glad you like the song! It’s not mine actually, it’s from Snatam Kaur – I think it’s called The Sun Shines on Everyone – recorded on a children’s album. Please learn it and share it! I am planning to record it on my next album, too! Blessings and love, beautiful one!

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